Pearline specializes in quality textile and more. Our main business expertise is in manufacturing rich collection of Home fabrics and home furnishing Items which basically includes Living Room Products, Bed Linen Products, Table Linen products, Kitchen Linen Products. We can deliver all your need to your place at the best prices.

We are here to solve your most challenging textile needs. We take pride in our Turkey based mill and continually invest in the facility to make sure it lives up to the highest expectations of our customers.

* We work directly with manufacturers for years and Producing our own quality product.
* We proudly present our product in Asia , East Europe market and recently in US.
* We can manufacture and produce any fabrics in the pattern and thread match your request.
* We are cooperating with many other qualified manufacturers in same field of textile in Turkey for many years.
* We know how to find product with optimum price and quality that satisfied our customers.
* We know and care for quality and not for quantity.

Order with confidence

Top quality control and Highly responsive team.
Speed in production with highly skilled employees in number of facility in Turkey.
Advantage in receiving overseas shipment like week earlier in Floridian port compare to other states.

Export to Turkey