About US

Who we are

Pearline provides quality Turkish fabrics of all types with very competitive prices. We value honesty, transparency and quality. Our goal is to establish strong bonds and long term business commitment with our clients.

What we do

Pearline provides the latest design with all kinds of products in the field of textile and home furnishing. Our product line is mainly curtains, pillow covers and linen set, in general we can provide you with any product in the field of textile.

Orders from our main in stock product line will be shipped to your store within days or weeks.Shipping time will vary on special orders, usual delivery time depends on the items and quantity of your order and it could be between 4-8 weeks. Large quantity orders are available, call and ask for more detail on delivery time and method.

Why Pearline

* We know Turkey textile market well.
* We are cooperating with many qualified manufacturers in Turkey for many years.
* We know how to find product with optimum price and quality that satisfied our costumers need.
* We love to build a long term relation with our customers and care for quality and not quantity.

Our Vision

To be an Internationally Competitive Company, meet our customer needs and committing to make a better homes with our high quality and a good value for money, Pearline Home Textiles. Ensuring satisfactory financial performance, consistent predictable growth, being the best in terms of consumer value, customer service, employee talents, and acknowledging our social responsibility for the welfare of our employees and environment.

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